Third month of the new year 2011 – how are we doing on those new year resolutions? *wink* No matter let’s re-visit that beautiful breathless blur of a NYE Celebration as only The House of GLAM x TOPSHELF can rock it – shall we?

LE PRESTIGE from CGN Live on Vimeo.

If you missed it – you have a year to make amends at our KINGDOM Saturdays at Club MyHouse and a chance once again at the end of this year – to end the old and start the new with the freshest promotions company there is. Need we tell you twice? – I think not. Cheers! and see you on the dance floor. e: party@thehouseofglam.com for all that good sthuff.

GLAM LOOK: B. Chung Introduces S11 Trends

GLAM LOOK: B. Chung Introduces S11 Trends

With LA Fashion just freshly behind us, GLAM’s own Ms. Barbara Chung introduces S11 trends through vivid pictorials. Click here to see her visual set that helped kick off GLAM AfterHours GLAMLook Spring 2011 Competition sponsored by our friends at Akufuncture and Jellypop Shoes.

Keep your eyes peeled for blog posts on these two fresh brands to follow and our competition winner soon. Visit the Afterhours page to see the entries and winner of the competition if you can’t wait *wink* – www.facebook.com/GlamAfterHours

Filmed at PREMIERE: J Reyez & Joseph Vincent’s Baby Good Night Cover/Remix (GD & TOP)

You never know what goodness is going to go down at THEHOUSEOFGLAM. Check out this J Reyez & Joseph Vincent video filmed in February at our Friday venue with TOPSHELF at PREMIERE. That’s right… we know you are kickin’ yourselves just a little if you weren’t there to catch these boys in action…

Don’t miss out this weekend – GLAM it up with us – Fridays @ PREMIERE and Saturdays at MYHOUSE. Get on it! *wink*