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Sponsorship has been a key element in bringing added value to our events. Through these collaborations we generate brand awareness and spark consumer acceptance for our sponsors to their target market (our demographic) via such means as grassroots and online marketing and promotions, press releases, email campaigns, street teams, etc.

Please contact us for more information to tap into the buzz.


The big picture – it’s about the Network; a house is also a part of a community and similarly we have built for The House of GLAM a community of like-minded affiliates. Through collaborations our affiliates empowers us to do bigger and bigger things – extending the scope of our reach outward and onward, past our immediate demographics in Southern California.

We have executed campaigns in conjunction with our affiliated promotions teams on a national level. And with promotion branches starting up internationally… this is clearly just the beginning.


When I grow up… I want to be a promoter!
So what does it take?
Well first off, you need to be legally 21, and yes, we will be verifying your I.D. it’s only fair.

The House of Glam is always looking for new talent, new reps, and new networkers and above all else new passion … if any of the above is strikes a chord with you, then please contact us at

It’s about our people and it’s about a lifestyle. All of our Glam reps live it and we all love it – and if it’s for you.. we know you will too.


We believe that the House of Glam does not stand alone. We strongly focus on giving back to our community by participating in fundraising events for non-profit organizations such as Rock the Vote, Youth Olympics, Apex, Visual Communications Film Festival- as well as leveraging our influence to raise relief funds for recent disasters at our weekly events.
Together we are creating awareness, and together we can make a difference.

Please contact to get involved.