GLAM 101: Class in Session with Promoter JESSE HO

Summer’s just around the corner – though we’d swear it was here now by the weather of late.. We thought we’d put together a lil fun tutorial to help you boys and girls brush up on your party skills (for those of you that are rusty – tsk tsk – Kingdom Saturdays EVERY Saturday – what is your excuse!?) via some GLAM 101 Do’s and Don’ts by Promoter Jesse Ho.

Take notes and here we go!

DO no.1 DRESS TO IMPRESS: There’s hope for you boys not resembling Godrey Gao (Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor also the first Asian face for Louis Vuitton Menswear ad campaign.. google it – trust us) - 85% of women say, first impressions, they are more attracted to the way men dress than their looks… so please – leave those Ed Hardy – Affliction shirts at home… *ahem* are you still rocking those?!

DO no.2 REMEMBER YOUR NEW FRIEND’S NAME: Who knows who she/he may be friends with. Next time you meet, they could be with their cute friend and could potentially be the bridge to bring you and mystery person together. TIP: If you didn’t catch their name the first time – introduce them to your friend. Just say – this is [insert old friend's name] and that’s the cue for your old friend to extend his/her hand and find out the name of your new friend. TAG TEAM!

DO no.3 FOR GROUPS OF 15+ – THINK BOTTLE SERVICE: It is the affordable solution and you can party in style!
Trust us – the table math works out – this we know.. not to mention the express entry at the door + a place to sit and chill inside. Ask or any of our promoters and they will gladly break it down for ya!

DO no.4 PLAY NICE: that means with bouncers and promoters too ; ) You’d be surprised how helpful someone can be if you just speak kindly or with a “please.” Kindergarten manners can take you surprisingly far in life.

Okie.. now for some.. oh.. no you didn’ts!

DON’T no.1 FORGET YOUR IDs: Very obviously why .. also check that your friends don’t forget their either! Make it a point prior to departure to do an ID check – after all wouldn’t you rather be shaking that you know – on the dance floor than doubling back to fetch the forgotten ID? We think so..

Unless you are Keanu Reeves waging war against the system. Please see DOs item 1..

DON’T no.3 BUY GIRLS DRINKS UNLESS THEY ARE WORTH IT: And then in that case.. buy them Champagne! More classy. But seriously a smile, eye contact and a simple hello will often work wonders as a opener.

DON’T no.4 LOOK FOR TREASURES ON THE DANCE FLOOR: Because all the workers will already beat you to it as they maintain a slip-free zone in the club… for that matter – make sure you keep your treasures off the dance floor too..

*wink* Put these to practice this coming Saturday at MyHouse! and if you see Jesse out – don’t be shy – say hello! or better yet email him and tell him to put you on the guestlist or book that bottle! e:

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