Back in December Neoclassics rocked Myhouse with The House of GLAM. We caught up with them a couple weeks ago to get the lowdown on this up-and-coming brand -

How did Neoclassics come into existence?
NEOCLASSICS: I was that kid in school, whether math, science or Spanish, by the end of any lecture my page of “notes” would be covered in sketches.  I guess as I got older my hobby matured into a lifestyle and I started appreciating creative trades more and more.  I actually started Neoclassics while I was a licensed stockbroker.  Grinding away in the “suit and tie” lifestyle made me realize I needed a creative outlet – corporate America just wasn’t for me.  I started pumping out a lot of artwork and collaborating with talented people, using apparel as a medium to share my vision.

Can you tell us the main concept or inspiration behind the brand?
NEOCLASSICS: Neoclassics is a lifestyle brand that endorses free thinkers and creative minds.  In a world where media smothers our every thought with stereotypes and ideals, we want people to embrace individuality.  Whether you realize it or not we’re in the “information overload age” where it’s hard to find a quiet moment without someone telling you where to be and how to live.  We’re just here to remind people to keep an open mind and to live for what YOU believe in.

You mentioned wanting to “pay homage to pioneers of the past” and “rouse innovators of our generation.”  Who are some of those people, both past and present?
NEOCLASSICS: From our newest collection, the L.A. Einstein T highlights one of the most influential free thinkers in history.  Einstein had a very unconventional mind and because of his innovation he was able to change history forever.  We also have less literal representations of our vision like the headphone logo; this design shows our appreciation for today’s musicians and DJ’s, music is the fuel for creativity.  We appreciate free thinkers on all scales, whether it’s the local tattoo artists or a revolutionary figure in history.

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere” – Einstein

You have an interesting take on tattoos and the tattoo subculture–can you explain more on that?
NEOCLASSICS: It’s a lifelong commitment towards something you believe in and requires sacrifice; I have the utmost respect for this trade.  Often time’s society attaches negative stigmas on certain things without truly understanding it.  Like good food, music and art it’s one of those “things” in life that brings all races and creeds together.  I love going to the conventions and watching the most random crowds interact, everyone’s just there to appreciate the ink.

What type of people wear Neoclassics?
NEOCLASSICS: We don’t really pigeonhole ourselves to one crowd so we relate to a pretty large audience.  I’m proud to say I’ve been supported by a whole array of talents; anything from comedians, NBA athletes, chefs, DJ’s and of course other artists.  As a brand, Neoclassics definitely attracts young adults with an urban sense of style and an appreciation for the arts.

Do you have any upcoming plans or events we should be looking out for?
NEOCLASSICS: We recently launched our Spring/Summer 2011 line on, take a look and enter promo code “glamneo” at checkout, a special token of appreciation for your readers.  We also have a huge fashion show May 7th with our friends at Vintage Liberty, featuring live music from Coachella artists Tokimonsta!  You can visit our blog ( for updates…Thanks again, you guys have been supportive of me since the start, I’m sure we’ll have plenty more Neoclassics X GLAM events to come.

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