THE HOUSE BEATS: Music Videos You Need to Peep

Let’s play musical catch-up! If you have not yet seen the following MVs yet… where have you been and *wink* there’s no time like the present! CLICK play now.

First up in the Kpop corner {  New 2NE1 – UGLY }

Then as featured in the LA Times  { Dumbfoundead – Are We There Yet }

With DFD killin’ it as always. Quote from the LA Times article on July 8th – “‘Are We There Yet?’ is already something of a smash, racking up roughly 350,000 views in 72 hours.” Views now clock in at over half a million. Directed by J6Ahn – if his name sounds familiar it’s because we’ve previously collaborated with Jay Ahn a year ago for the GLAM Live Your Life campaign.

Check it under the NEW MEDIA section if you haven’t before.

Finally rounding out our list today is another Kpop music vid – this one starring one of our own – GLAM FAN Robert Ryu!

{ Kim Bum Soo – Please }

Happy Thursday boys and girls – the weekend is upon us! Voyeur Fridays & Myhouse Saturdays – GLAM UP your summer weekends.

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Third month of the new year 2011 – how are we doing on those new year resolutions? *wink* No matter let’s re-visit that beautiful breathless blur of a NYE Celebration as only The House of GLAM x TOPSHELF can rock it – shall we?

LE PRESTIGE from CGN Live on Vimeo.

If you missed it – you have a year to make amends at our KINGDOM Saturdays at Club MyHouse and a chance once again at the end of this year – to end the old and start the new with the freshest promotions company there is. Need we tell you twice? – I think not. Cheers! and see you on the dance floor. e: for all that good sthuff.

Filmed at PREMIERE: J Reyez & Joseph Vincent’s Baby Good Night Cover/Remix (GD & TOP)

You never know what goodness is going to go down at THEHOUSEOFGLAM. Check out this J Reyez & Joseph Vincent video filmed in February at our Friday venue with TOPSHELF at PREMIERE. That’s right… we know you are kickin’ yourselves just a little if you weren’t there to catch these boys in action…

Don’t miss out this weekend – GLAM it up with us – Fridays @ PREMIERE and Saturdays at MYHOUSE. Get on it! *wink*


FLASHBACK super compilation MASH-UP of one crazy GLAM weekend – now THAT’S how you do Halloween right!

GLAM Kingdom Saturday @ MyHouse + Halloween Night @ Capitol City
Double the ghouls and skin – sexy!

Peep it for yourself >>

HALLOWEEN 2010 from CGN Live on Vimeo.

AND it’s 2011 – make it point not to MISS OUT. – Bottle Service, Guestlist and all that GOOD STUFF.

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[NEW GLAM VIDEOS] >> GLAM Labor Day @ The Colony | JOURNEY: Follow the White Rabbit @ Guys & Dolls

For you laggers *wink* – two latest vids that have been making the GLAM circulation!

The House of GLAM x TOPSHELF presents – Labor Day Sunday @ The Colony and JOURNEY @ Guys and Dolls >>

Beachn’ fun >>

COLONY from CGN Live on Vimeo.

Follow the white rabbit >>

FOLLOW THE RABBIT from CGN Live on Vimeo.

Did you miss out?? Well. Don’t let it happen again!

Guestlist, VIP  bottle service and the good stuff >>
We’ll see you out!

Video edits shot and directed by J6